Going on Holiday...? Let me feed your Cat
Daily visits to your home whilst you're away ensure your cat is looked after in your absence.
All visits are individually tailored to suit your cat's needs, likes, or dislikes.
When you go away on holiday, it can be a traumatic time for pets
going to a cattery, and although a safe environment,
it may not suit all cats
some just like to stay at home
where their normal routine of feed, sleep, cuddles
will stay the same, with no disruption.
Same house, same food, kind person to give them a fuss.
A normal visit will consist of:
Morning visit to feed you cat and let outside if they wish...
(food bowls and litter trays will be cleaned and filled)
Evening visit to let your pet back inside to sleep safely followed by
a feed, play and lots of cuddles...
Your cat will stay in familiar surroundings and you will have peace of mind
that your pet are happy and safe at home.
But most importantly your cat will get the fuss and attentention they deserve.
We will even text you mid holiday, for a pet update
if you wish...