Considering buying a dog?
Please consider the following:
Never buy on impulse.
Owning a dog is a long-term commitment as their average life is 13 years.
Decide which breed or type of dog will suit your lifestyle.
Do you have time to exercise a large energetic dog, have time to brush/bath a long haired dog that gets muddy/smelly
each time it goes out?
Think about the size and security of your garden, local exercise
facilities and the time you have available.
Do you have time for "quality time" with you dog to teach him how to behave?
If not you will soon create a "problem dog".
Consider the cost and time involved in dog ownership including:  food, Bedding, toys, Vets bills
 Insurance, Boarding kennels fees, Dog walker/ Pet sitting costs if you are not at home
during the day, damaged furniture and carpets, and nuisance caused to neighbours
 if he cries/howls during day/night.
Where to buy a puppy
Always buy a dog from a reputable  breeder.
Be wary of ads offering a range of breeds or those who regularly advertise as it could be they
 are buying-in dogs from other breeders.
These premises should be licensed as a pet shop.
Be prepared to wait for a litter to be  born.  A well-bred puppy is worth waiting for.
The puppy should be at least 8 weeks old before it leaves its mother.
Make sure you see the mother with the pups and ask to see the father if possible.
The temperament of the parents will be an indication of the puppys temperament.
Alternatively, why not give a dog a new home by re-homing a stray or unwanted dog?
These dogs are usually already socialised and house trained and just need a loving home.
For more information call:
 Leicestershire Animal Aid on 01455 888257
The R.S.P.C.A on 01162336677
or Dog Warden on 01455 238141
Once you have taken a new dog home
Purchase a collar and tag detailing the name and address of the owner.
This is a legal requirement if a dog is in a public place.
Get your dog micro chipped so it can be easily identified if it is lost or stolen.
Register with a vet as soon as you get your new dog and discuss:
Neutering and Vaccinating against potentially life threatening diseases such as kennel cough,
 especially if you are intending to board your dog at a kennels when on holiday.
Most importantly of all...
 "Have Fun"
If you give lots of love you'll
certainly get it back