Going out for the day?
We can call in to give your dog a feed followed by a
run/play in their own garden.
Ideal for puppies or old dogs who need a little company
and to be let out if owners away all day.
Cat Feeding, Cat Sitting -See CATS...
Small Pet Care
We don't forget our small animals.
 Birds, fish, hamsters, rabbits, can get all the attention  they need
 while your away.
We can follow your instructions to provide a caring
service  in your absence
Puppy Visits
A short visit and play in garden can make all the difference!
Dog Walks
  One to one walks and fun in the park
Equestrian Help availible
Emergency call out for all our  pet owners/customers
 stuck in traffic...family emergency...car broken down?
If for any reason you cannot get home...
call us and we will visit your pet and ensure they are happy
until you return.
House Sitting
For longer periods away, we are able to care for your home.
 (and feed any cats or small animals)
As an added benefit we can provide that lived in look' to your home while you're away.
Post can be collected, lights turned on and off, curtains
 opened and closed waste bins put out and removed...
This service is  discreet and the property will appear "as if
someone is home."
Pet to Vet Taxi Service, and Pet Taxi Service.
About Us
Our aim is to help pet owners look after their pets,
so all requests for help will be considered.
 Excellent, references available from our existing
 clients on request.
  All work is insured we hold full public liability insurance
 and key loss cover